PBS goes the TO route

In a shameful display of mindlessly cowing to the Goobermints decidedly anti-American prejudice, PBS has shown less in the way of testicular hypertrophy than Terrell Owens did. They had shot, produced, and planned to air an episode of their popular show "Postcards from Buster" which features an animate rabbit that visits different places and the shows are about what he finds there, they now will not be running it. In an episode titled "Sugartime!" which concentrates on farming and maple sugar production, the two farms are run by a pair of lesbian couples with kids in Vermont. The Goobermint, and supposedly exec's at PBS decided after dumping all the money into making the show that perhaps people might not want to let their offspring view 'that sort of thing'.

These people are so desperately in need of growing the hell up. Even if the children catch the significance of the couples:
This type of "thinking" is endemic of a mentality that is so fiercely, willfully ignorant it refuses to even consider the possibility that anyone who believes differently than they do could possibly be a decent person, or that they themselves might possibly be wrong about anything.


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