Not to put too fine a point on it...

but how fucking insane can you get??

Certain critters both in the media and the medical community are making a stink over the approval of a new (sorta, it’s more a newly balanced mixture of two cold war era drugs) pill, because: it’s more effective in African Americans. Yep, they found a drug that actually helps blacks at a higher rate than not only other drugs, but at a higher rate than it does Caucasian Americans. People are actually calling it 'unethical' to proceed with its approval. Now what type of drug is this? Is it a new sexual aid? Um, no. Is it a new acne med? Sorry, try again. Is it perchance a new anti-anxiety med? Hardly.

It is a heart disease drug, one that reduced deaths in study participants overforty-three percent.

Would these same people throw up a stink over birth control drugs that worked in women better than men? Nope. This is absurd. Anything that saves lives at such a dramatic increase over alternatives, needs to be pushed regardless of its limitations.


Anyway... I was thinking...


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