Duty and Dishonor

In about two hours we will enter what should be one of the days America holds dearest. We should be reveling in the fact that unlike China, unlike Cuba, unlike The Sudan, _we_ have a say in our government. We should be rejoicing in the fact that we as Americans live under the worlds longest continuously used constitution. And we should most certainly be delighted that we don't have to have military detachments patrolling the polling stations. Unfortunately we will not. For more than a week the lawsuits have been flying, the slander, the mudslinging, and the accusations and counter accusations have flown, and for what? The sake of two spoiled egomaniacs and their courtiers? Jefferson would be appalled, as am I. Franklin would be airing his sharp wit and shaving slices off the reputations of both, I'm to weary. Washington and Lincoln would rage that all there work had been for naught.

Tomorrow I will get up, vote as is my duty, and live with the dishonor all America bears that Bush and Kerry should be our 'best' choices.


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