Bush can't see the forest at all.

A bill with over two hundred co-sponsors is about to be passed in the House of Representatives. This bill has bipartisan support. Further it is something that could be a very good thing for America and the world in general. Bush, would like to veto the bill. Despite this bill having wide spread support from the duly elected representatives millions of Americans, Bush wants to veto this bill. This is serious. This is not a budget issue, its not financing some boondoogle that is unworkable or already out dated, this is an industry of the future with far reaching potential to improve the quality and quantity of life human beings and could be the most significant field of medical research since anti-biotic. But Bush doesn't want anyone to take advantage of these opportunities. He thinks, that despite the fact this bill could just pass by a veto over ridding margin, that America doesn't want or doesn't need it.

Mr. President, you need to have someone look up and explain the word "myopia" to you, have them explain all the implications of it as well.


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