Snelgrove stupidity

The findings are in and Victoria Snelgrove has somehow managed to escape any responsibility for her own death. Commissioner O'Toole has continued the trend of undermining her officers. The facts are: Victoria was not on the streets, or anywhere near the stadium during the game. She knew the crowds had been rowdy in previous nights. Anyone with an IQ measured in double digits, knew it was a near certainty that crowds would again be rowdy. Ms. Snelgrove was not a poor student so we'll assume she did have a sufficient IQ to realized and appreciate these things. Yet, she was still not only in an area the police were rightfully attempting to clear, she was very near the front of the crowd. It's very sad that she died, its sadder still that the officers attempting to save lives and protect property are being held soley responsible for something that Ms Snelgrove played an at least equal part in.


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