California Abuse

The Arch-diocese of Orange County California has been concealing information. Not so surprisingly it is information regarding the clergy sex abuse scandal. These cases involved a priest and a choir teacher. The abuse involved sexual acts with two female student, one of who got pregnant because of these acts and had an abortion. The other party admits to having wrapped the genitals of a male student in tape under the guise of stopping the boy from masturbating.

The continued obstruction of justice by the church and their widespread endangering of children, including possible exposure to sexually transmitted disease makes me wonder if it isn't time to rethink the amnesty traditionally extended to those who seek sanctuary in church hands. That's not to say that there aren't areas and times when a church could be legitimately sheltering someone who is truly repentant or innocent. However, when men and women confess their actions and are routinely shuffled around it is time for hard questions to be asked, and hard answers come too.


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