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(a further attempt to forestall reading a poorly written history book)


(Almost) Beer magnate Peter Coors and Ken Salazar (I wonder how often he's asked about directions to Hogwarts?) are battaling over a Senate seat in Colorado. Either they are infavor of allowing the children adopted by gay couples to get drunk really young or i've somehow been bored to incoherance by the fact that No One Cares!

Hmm, it appears it takes the presence of minions of the man some cosider the last bastion of communisim in the western hemispere to get US attention paid to one of our friends in Latin America who just happen to be the 4th largest source of oil for the US. Apparently some hypergenius with an IQ that can only be properly measured through the arcane application of; Triginomitry, geomerty, algerbra, liberal applications of of pi, dancing sky clad and widdershins to Tiny Tim, while burning chocolate scented incesnce thinks that the Despot of the Carribean _might_ harm democratic process in Venezuela.



Completing the Curse of the Cape:

Superman star (among other movies) Christopher Reeves has passed away.

In an act of willful self delusion the Iraqi Goobermint-to-be has decided that the five day truce in Sadr will result in the peaceful hand over of 'hundreds' of weapons from rebels.... Really, i wanna be these guys accountants. Just sign on the line next to where it says SUCKER.


My fave Webcomic starting here: http://somethingpositive.net/sp12192001.shtml and continuing all the way to here: http://somethingpositive.net/ and beyond is still going strong!

And finally, one of my friends has some interesting art work, and poetry (most of which goes over my head) located here: http://www.firehazel.com/index.php

I now return to my regularly avoided work!


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