Live free or die?

A Londonderry New Hampshire school has decided the states motto resplendent on the bumper stickers and ever on the lips of its residents really means: Live free or die, but only so long as you do so in a non contraversial way. Traditionally the school has allowed students select any picture they like for their year book picture. Not anymore. This year a student submitted a picture, he's well dressed, clean shaven, his hair is a color found in nature. He's smiling. And it was rejected. Why? It appears it’s somehow not proper in the so called 'Live free or Die" state to hold a gun. The student in question is not pointing the gun towards the camera. His face shows not the least hint of aggression. The gun is in fact broken over his far shoulder of the young gentleman, his hand nearly the full length of the gun away from the trigger, which is hidden behind his head Since our earliest days, men and the occasional woman have been depicted carrying the tool that has secured our freedoms, protected, and fed so many of us. America is lessened each time something like this happens. Don’t let your town open the gates to the wolves.



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