More Guns means more death and more crime?

Apparently not. Not surprisingly to anyone who's studied the issue, versus those who have just emoted about it. It seems that in Michigan where six years ago the state reformed their laws to make carrying a concealed weapon easier that just the opposite effect has been observed. Gun crimes are down, violent crime is down. Still the emoters protest that gun crimes are being under reported. Grosse Point's Shikha Hamilton had come to the conclusion that there is some sort of cover up going on. Some how she's decided that there is a benefit to some group with the power to cover things up. Let's see, the police would benefit by what, less paper work? Of course less paperwork is obviously a reason to cover up lives being lost. Or maybe the media is covering things up? Because we all know that flashy gun crimes and things like school shootings, multiple homicides or shootouts with police don't draw people to consume the news. Never has, never will. Or is it possibly the next to useless NRA? The one that even most gun owners think is ineffectual?


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