Wow, human kindness at work.

Stolen from one of my fave people, Randy at This is True:

TRUE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT: Jurors at a criminal trial in Denver, Colo.,were repulsed by the crime -- a man had molested his 10-year-old stepdaughter -- but were even more distressed that the trial concluded just before Christmas. Jury forewoman Jennifer Volk had noticed how hard it was for the little girl to testify, and thought "it was heartbreaking to think [she] wouldn't have a Christmas." So after finding the unidentified man guilty on enough charges to send him to prison for eight years to life, she asked the judge if she could buy gifts for the girl and her family. He said yes. Volk raised $500 from co-workers "to provide the family with a little holiday happiness."
The detective in the case said he has never seen anything like it. " This family was traumatized," said Detective Ken Klaus. "And they went and did something about it."


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