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Even though its probably the wrong thing. I went to one of my holiday stops I witnessed something I haven't seen in years, people going completely over the top and beyond even the near neighborhood of reasonable gifting. It was so bad one of the children, an energetic and sturdy four year old, asked his father:

"Daddy do I have to open any more presents?"

This was well over an hour and a half, and about fifty percent through a stack of presents mostly from the boy's grandparents. When I ran into my neighbor he said much the same of his kids visit to their grandparents. Again at my first extra-domestic stop the scene was much the same with the matriarch having gone whole hog on her adult children and grandchildren to the point where she couldn't recall having bought some of the gifts. Honestly, people get so wrapped up in gifting that they forget to be affectionate. A gift is supposed to be a symbol of affection, not a competitive endeavor to see who can out spend whom.


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