DeLay the despicable.

I will state now, that i am not prone to making hugely dramatic statements about the nature of people. I don't compare Bush to Hitler. I don't compare Michael Jackson to the Clown Killer. I refuse to compare the NHL team owners to the early twentieth century union busters. But, well every rule needs an exception right? Here's mine.

I will state
now as a black man with a large mouth, an attitude and a half, an agnostic, and someone who wouldn't know how to take shit if it came with video directions:

I would feel safer in a country run by the Ku Klux Klan than with Delay with so much power.

Why? At least if the Klan comes after me i will die and do so quickly. I will not be an emotional burden to my family. I will not be trapped in a husk. My family will not have to subject themselves to watching random twitches of my body and involuntary auditory grunts and come to the willfully blind view that I am still alive. My body may still retain a pulse, but when all the areas where intelligence reside, where memory is centered, and when one is unaware of their environment, of sensation and of even pain or basic human needs such as food and water, are dead and gone, the person is dead even if the body remains animated.

This sort of asinine violation of self determination is exactly what we face if the religious right, as separate from the secular right, is allowed to gain further control of our society.


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