Holy Howling Hinterland of Reality Batman!

What the hell is wrong with Homo Sapiens Sapiens? Especially the subspecies known as Americana? Really. People positively idolize winning. It's not quite a tame enough veneration to be called an obsession, it's probably something on the far side of pathological fixation. Except of course when it fails to be fun to be a fan of the opposition to the great team or player. As is the case with the now 10-0 New England Patriots. Here we run into that pervasive, and probably unbreechable cleft in the mental wanderings of the average humanoid. On one hand we have the desire to praise them. On the other is the urge to tear them down because we don't like seeing 'our' team lose. We see people complain that people are paid way too much to play a game, and that they don't play hard enough. Then, when one of those odd and startling confluences of great players all arrive on the same team and they do all play at their best, and hardest, well, one of my least favorite concepts is introduced. The unhealthy, unrealistic, anti entropic and unAmerican desire for parity in competitive fields. Right now, across the nation nitwits and naifs are running their mouths and fingertips to create drivel that will mostly go unchallenged and all of it will be complaining about the Patriots players doing their jobs. Doing ones duty, self imposed, paid for by an employer or imposed by some outside entity is the mark of a responsible person. Doing it when you can coast by with little or no effort at the best of your ability is among the highest criterion for integrity.

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