CNN has an interesting story on the transition of power from Fidel Castro to his brother and the nations first vice president since 1959. One of the things that screamed of more information not being shared was the fact that before Fidel Castro's illness was announced Bush just happened to have made a speech indicating U.S. willingness to assist our neighbors when Castro passes away. Now this could be just coincidence, but I think not. I don't think the U.S. was involved in said illness, I do think its very probably there are human intelligence operatives if not immediately around Castro than certainly in places where getting information of this kind might be useful. My wild guesses would be either a driver for Castro, or someone in one of several places in the hospital Castro is being treated in.

Either way we are on the precipice of change in the western hemisphere. Castro has had his hand somewhere in the mix of most or all of the revolutions in central and south America for decades, I think what happens when he no longer is the regional strong (and straw) man will be quite telling.


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