Bleeding Kansas

Long ago, in the deep dark reaches of history (just before Kansas became a state) there were bloody clashes, fraud and venom spewed all across the territory as the pro and anti-slavery forces marshaled to decided which the new state would be: a state dedicated to truth and equal opportunity, or one where a self selected group of elitists decided what people would think and how they would live. Today, and for the past several election cycles the descendents of both forces have entered a battle less bloody and more vicious over control of the states schools. On one side are those who want to teach science in the schools and leave which ever permutations of whatever religion to each family. On the inverse of this self flipping coin is a group that wants to replace biology with theology and suppress and eliminate any mention or serious discussion of evolution in the classroom.

Now it appears there are more sensible voters than not and they have taken back over a majority in the states board of education.


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