Web Braille, Frank Kurt Cylke, and you

Web Braille is a system that allows blind people to more cost effectively, read not just musty old litterary classic, but the latest releases in books and magazines. It has recently been abandoned and has therefore left lots of people bereft of a source of reading having untold educational, psychological and economic impact on those effected and their familes. Here are a few of the comments from the petition to restore the service:

Please do all possible to once again make the power of the written word available to Braille readers. It is painful to see the national library of the most powerful nations on earth unable to meet the needs of our blind citizens. We are better than this; We can do better and we must do better. Thank you.
Jean A. Walrath
Please restore this wonderful service which permits immediate access to the NLS collection much like the access one can receive at a local public library if one is sighted.
Don Horn

It is very difficult for me to understand how our progressive society continuously denies access to people with disabilities, such as this denial of access to blind people.
Clifton Perez

I have come to rely on WebBraille from both a personal and vocational standpoint. I encourage you to restore access to WebBraille at the earliest possible time.
James Gammon
I am disappointed to learn of NLS discontinuing WebBraille especially without prior notice or public comment. I have used this service since its inception for personal and professional reading. I have appreciated having instant access to books and magazines. I would think it would be possible to resolve any technical or security issues without removing the service from the NLS website. I urge NLS to communicate its concerns with the public, and restore the WebBraille service as soon as possible.
Dan TeVelde
I can't put it in any better words than these men and women have, sign it and or send your comments to Director Cylke yourself.

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