Sex predators and capital punishment

There are people who argue that there is a basic goodness in everyone and that the reason one can't justify capital punishment because it would be wrong to snuff out that intrinsic human goodness for the sake of any offense. I do believe that human life in and of itself has some value, I further believe that quality of life is at least as important. Rapist, may not kill, but they do destroy life quality in a way that even surpasses the creation of a vegetative state. Opponents of the death penalty will further contend that having such a sentence risks the lives of innocent people. Possibly yes, but with DNA evidence, and the much higher level of scrutiny given evidence vs. even fifteen, much less fifty years ago the chances of making that type of mistake are virtually non existent. Further, some criminals are to violent, and or to smart to allow the opportunities to escape that prison terms allow. The ones that kill or have shown the potential to kill will do so to escape. And some have transgressed so frequently and confessed that there is nothing else sane, rational, and just to do with them. This is one of those cases.


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