Even Kim Jong Il...

I've said it before; I'll keep repeating it until I die.

No matter how evil, insane and or vile the leader, they can not stay in power without the willing assistance of like minded folk, and they can not be removed by external forces until international opinion is fully marshaled against them. This is why Hitler would have ruled most of Europe had he not turned on Russia. This is why Castro has ruled his nation within spitting distance of the U border for decades, and why he is the boon companion for many of Latin Americas leaders and would be leaders. This is why President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is feted by neighboring nations.

And this is why; try as he might, even Kim Jong Il of North Korea does not exist in a vacuum, the Dear Leader even has his own international fan club. A group of slavering fan boys who make most boy band groupies look sensible and well grounded in reality, gathered in Belgium to engage in what can only be called an intellectual circle jerk. While there dream of a unified Korea are at least in part laudable, they should really ask their neighbors in what was West Germany what they thought of the economic impact of reunification. I find it appalling, unsurprising, but appalling that this man has people who refer to him in near deific terms and the U as if we wanted any part of the Korean peninsular. We could have had it decades ago if we'd been willing to pay the butchers bill. Just as we could have kept the Philipines, Mexico, or Cuba. Hell we could have kept Japan, we'd already bombed all resistance out of them.


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