Even more sorry

In an effort to prove that Duluth isn't home to the smallest minds in the state, Covenant Christian Academy has decided to expel one of its students for kissing another. The kiss happened away from school grounds, and at a private gathering that was not sponsored by the school. The young lady had a grade point average of 3.5 at the time of her expulsion. Despite the fact that the other half of the kiss was also a student at the venerable institution, which is about the same age as the fifteen year old it expelled, only this girl was expelled. She and her parents are not taking it lightly and have sued the school for breach of contract and invasion of privacy citing the vagueness of the schools handbook in regards to 'sexual immorality'.

I've never personally understood how kicking someone out of an institution that is bent on 'saving' them helps the institution save the person being expelled. I guess it just comes with the territory of being that religious.


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