Happy Blog-iversary

Yep, today marks the day when one year ago I began disturbing the web with my blog. We were in the midst of one of the most contentious elections. An election that featured more bad taglines than concrete statements, even relatively speaking than any campaign in at least half a century. I was hardly expecting this post on my one year anniversary to be the three hundred seventy eighth, hell I'm not sure I expected to keep the blog open that long.

During the year I've watched carefully as numerous situations unfolded, some humorous, some filled with less light emotions. Terri Shiavo's case is something I remember watching unfold with unmitigated horror, and is something I don't think I'll ever forget. Seeing a different Terry lose the top spot in the Democratic party was a blow I'm not sure the party will recover from anytime soon. The election was of course something that grabbed the worlds attention and refused to let go, as it should be. The 2004 election, like the one before it was another case of America losing. This is not because of who landed in the posh residence at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue, but simply because of how divisive it was to the nation. The Tsunami touched hearts the world around and when the American government was criticized for not giving more, the American people poured out more than anyone could imagine. Through war, Rita, and snow its been an interesting ride.

I've had fun, learned all sorts of things I'm mostly not aware of now. I do know that I've learned almost enough html to be dangerous and that I should find someone who can save me from myself. I've picked up some great information sources from around the world. Some of them are government sources, some are press, a few are independent organizations that have great depth. Quite a few of my favorite sources are my fellow bloggers. I don't have time to read all of them anymore, but I do drop by to see what you're saying and learn what I can.

Thanks for reading, comments and the odd heads up. Its been a fun year. During the last twelve months and several thousand words I've gotten to do interviews with authors, talk to bloggers across the nation and the world and really gotten a longer, wider look at more people than I'll ever have the chance to meet in the flesh.

For the future there will be more of the same, and more different stuff, I think, who knows,

The Casual Observer


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