Good teachers, bad teachers, new award.

First the good teachers. All parents qualify as teachers, some of them do a good job, some do a poor one. I've met the little heartbreaker to the right. She's well behaved, she pays close attention to what's going on around her, and she shoots better than a lot of adults. Smart young lady. Victimizers would be well advised to stay out of range of whatever weapons she happens to be toting.

And then of course there are the bad teachers. The first of which is merely normally bad:

A large number of teachers in Texas and elsewhere throughout the nation are teaching a course that even other Christians are crticizing for its utter lack of accuracy, sadly school districts are still adding it.

And the second group of bad teachers is actually bad enough to earn the first in my new award series. The Z.I.T., that's right, the Zero Inteligence Trophy (actualy trophy forthcoming), this award goes to the "Scotish Qualifications Authority" who failed over one hundred students for merely having their mobile phones with them. It should be noted that they did not tell the students about this ahead of time, nor was there any evidence of cheating, they were failed for being part of the 100% or so cell phone penetration in Scotland.


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