We're Americans, and more importantly we're right, that's what.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi has blasted a recent Pentagon report on how the Chinese military build up is changing the balance of power in the east. Apparently by stating this arrantly obvious fact the Pentagon, and Americans in general have some how given offence. The Minister had this, among other pearls of wisdom to impart:

"What authority does the United States have to gesticulate and make improper comments about China's defensive national defense policy and measures?"

It's quite simple Mr. Minister. Your country does have the right to build up its defense, just as you assert, you are sovereign nation, as are we. If you can explain in what way that your building your military, at what is for your nation almost certainly an unprecedented peace time, rate is not reshaping the balance of power, I'm sure the nice men and women in the Pentagon will take note and apologize if called for. We are also a sovereign nation, and we have every right to write whatever reports please us, and they are not subject to your censorship.


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