Up North

While I've met no few people from north of the border who are quite nice, it does seem they have their own self centered fatheads as well. Not that I find this surprising, it just seems they keep theirs under wraps a bit better. While Cardinal Ouellet makes a decent attempt at being reasonable in saying that it's fine for a recently censured senator to be a member of the Catholic Church and to receive communion, he throws it all out the door with completely logic free whining about how Christians might face criticism over not baptizing the children of homosexual couples, and spinning the potential for hate crimes out of whole cloth. He drags out the 'argument' that homosexuals don't procreate as an excuse, well neither do most senior citizens who get married in nursing homes. For that matter according the Bible the first purpose of marriage was not procreation but companionship. I think Ouellet and a few others need to read a bit more of the Bible.


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