The Legion of Dumb

I unfortunately work in a retail sales job in the wireless industry. It brings me into contact with masses of people I can only describe as dumb, it's not nice, it's not polite, it is however true. So every once in a while you'll see a post like tonight's when I meat some stand out members of this distinguished group.

Legionary #1 The gas station clerk.

At this gas station you have to wait while they take a pic of the car with the video camera, and then turn the pump on. Because of course while the pump is filling there is no time to do so. Anywho, it took about 5 minutes to manage this Herculean task. I get inside, grab a cranberry juice, and a want ad, there are two people in front of me and it still took more than ten more minutes to get out of the damned place.

Legionary #'s 2 + 3

An older but not really old couple. They came in and were looking at the phones and trying to decide which they wanted. We spent several minutes explaining the really uncomplicated

basic plans. The gentleman had one of Cingular's expensive Treo 650's, paid for by his company, this is a three hundred dollor or so 'smartphone'. The lady had never had a phone, and said she didn't really want one. As we're going over the phone options I pointed out to her the different phones, they became convinced, despite my efforts that they were turning on and off the dummy phones we have on the sales floor.

I love people


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