Ultra liberal Massachusetts?

I've lived in this state my whole life. I've got friends in the military, in politics, teachers, medical professionals, computer geeks and more in jobs ranging from stay at home parent to retail warrior. My friends live everywhere from Maine to Missouri, California to virgin, Texas to Michigan, Saskatchewan to Queensland and I'll never understand how people can actually apply that particular label to this state. Are we more liberal than say Texas or Utah? Yes we are. Are we in the same range of liberal as California and some other places on the left coast, not even close. Our governors have been republicans since 1988 or so. And yet people act all surprise when there are any rightists in the state, hell our current governor is a Mormon. This particular group of rightists are really not hugely to the right of a lot of Bay Staters, wrong headed, but not nearly as far gone as of Phelps, or some others.


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