Israel, America, and China.

Israel is currently caught between one juggernaut, and a nation that see's itself as a once and future member of that category. On the one hand the US has supplied Israel with more military and diplomatic muscle than anyone in the world, on the other hand they make a great deal of money by being the second largest arms supplier to China. In the face of this knowledge the US cut Israel out of it's development of what all concerned parties expect to be the premier fighter in the F-35 upon its scheduled delivery in 2012, and suspended the flow of information on what other items may be in the Pentagon's ubiquitous bag of tricks. One Israeli columnist speaks rather plainly on the issue. She points out that while the US does place high demands on her homeland, China is actively aiding and abetting her nations enemies, including supplying Iran with missiles that can hit Israel. In order to maintain it's life as a nation Israel can not afford to alienate America anymore than they can afford to keep arming their own enemies at one remove.


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