Yet More Reasons

To learn a new language.

India and the US have announced a new deal that will drastic increase the flow of flights between the two nations. Not only will more flights be allowed between the two countries where there are more than two million passengers a day traveling, but non stops flights will be added, as well as more cities. Houston, and Minneapolis are among those announced for US cities. True, most of the people coming even to the US even to visit from India already speak English, but one should never take things for granted.

My question about this is: How well is India going to do with security for these new flights?

Just because we've made it far more difficult to take a plane in an American city, doesn't mean that international flights are significantly safer than the were before 9/11. While undoubtedly the airline industry can use this new infusion of revenue, I hope we aren't letting ourselves in for a similar style attack to the ones on the World Trade Center.


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