Oy, this is getting annoying.

Real Life has decided to run me over again. I got involved in a little writing project elsewhere that was supposed to be done, but has taken on a life of its own and will now be taking up time I don't care to spend on it. I should get a piece or two up in the am, but no guarantees. Monday and Tuesday are already looking scarce but on the plus side I've discovered a few things worth blogging about.

Blogspectrum is about to grow again, and I'll be finishing off the first three weeks questions before I start us up again.

I have a charming lady working on a template for me, so my blog will be getting a face lift real soon. And of course my blogroll will get updated.. If you link to me, and I haven't gotten you listed yet please email me, or post a comment and I'll make sure you get put in as soon as the template is loaded.


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