As we all know by now, Lebanon has had some serious issues in forming a new government since the bombing death and suspected Syrian assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Haririand. President Bush is his typical cowboy manner made the following statement to our good friends in Syria the other day:
"When I say, get out of Lebanon, I mean out of Lebanon with all your troops and all your security services and all the people trying to influence that government"
Which sorta lays it all on the line. This is just more fuel for the rumors that have been circulating for quite some time that Syria could be the next nation to come to understand "peace through superior fire power". Although why we aren't polishing our guns in the direction of Bush's good friends in Saudi Arabia entirely escapes me.

The current interim Prime Minister is, while still viewed as Pro Syrian, apparently better liked by the international community, and has more broad based support right at home. Najib Miqati, a wealthy businessman, and former government official could become a large force with in Lebanon, and the region if he can hang onto support until elections come about.


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