Say what?

I saw this on the news this morning before heading out to abuse myself by locking myself in a room with several teen and preteens. I was shocked and certain I'd misheard. I was certain enough that I asked someone I knew to be watching the news at that time to confirm what I'd heard. They did. I'm afraid, ghastly, deathly, afraid. I'm an animal lover, they are wonderful companions and many are more intelligent than at least two thirds of my intimates. They also taste great when properly prepared. Anywho, there I was rushing around to get washed up after performing what felt like the full labors of Hercules when I passed through the living room and heard this story. Am I only one who thinks that these pet owners should be locked up for their own protection? Cosmetic surgery is all well and good, but on a pet?
Anyway, that's the story I lifted....


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