Pretty, Stupid

Most of the time I'd have to describe Kim Jones aka Lil Kim pretty, and pretty smart. The nearly thirty former mistress of the late Chris Wallace has managed to get to the top of the female charts. Partially through her admirable skills, partially through her 'Black Barbie" looks, and owing in large part to her business savvy. Years back when touring with her former roommate Foxy Brown (Inga Marchand), she managed to maintain her close ties to Chris Wallace and Sean Combs. Foxy managed to stay close to Jay-Z (Sean Carter) but was kicked off the tour, at the time their sales were probably about even, or even leaning slightly in Foxy's direction. Kim kept a firm hold on her bushiness and produced a few albums, and continued to grow her market. Unfortunately it appears she became a victim of her own hype. I think she really believed she could tell a grand jury she didn't see the two men she had just exited a building with pull guns and fire them in a dispute with rival musicians. This failed miserably and now Ms Jones faces as much as fifteen years in jail. Talented, pretty, stupid.


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