Silly professor Practices


What in the world is with professors who feel the need to see the bibliography for papers that have yet to be written? Seriously, this is like asking a builder to give you an estimate before they even take a look at the building site, or even the blueprints for your house. I can almost understand it for first year level classes. But in my less than humble opinion anyone taking second year or later classes that can't pick reasonable sources deserves to fail. Period. If you don't know that Grampa Ned's diary, who lived " 'round the hollar " in Toadstoes Tennessee and refers to anything past third grade as 'higher education'. Believes that Lincoln was personally running around with a pair of bolt cutters freeing slaves, swiving widows, and spitting in the faces of True Southern Gentlemen isn't a good source for your history paper you flat out don't need to be in college and should probably consider a career in politics since you are already divorced from reality.


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